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About Us

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Shokudo Japanese Restaurant and Bar, where tradition takes a step forward in Japanese casual dining. Conveniently located on Kapiolani Boulevard, near the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Shokudo Japanese offers dishes to please and excite the palate of locals and visitors alike.

Aside from our extensive menu of 60 different dishes, our fully stocked bar offers a range of soft drinks, beer, wine, Shochu, Sake and specialty drinks. A casual, comfortable setting in contemporary surroundings allows families, couples or large groups to enjoy an evening out. Come celebrate that special occasion in our private party room.

Attentive table service, reasonably-priced dishes and special menu items will bring you back for return visits. Come for dinner, an after-movie/shopping meal or dessert, or drop by for cocktails and pupus after a day at the office. Bring a friend or bring the family.

We invite you to be our guest for an evening of delectable Japanese delights!

 An unexpected twist of ambiance & Japanese fusion. Home of sushi pizza, lobster dynamite and honey toast.

Dining Experience

Welcome to SHOKUDO

Japanese Shared Meal Style!

“SHOKUDO” means “DINING ROOM” in Japanese.

Traditionally, in Japanese households, the dining room did not exist. Food and place settings were transported from the kitchen to the living room. The idea of dedicating a room solely for eating was introduced by western culinary cultures. The introduction of the “dining space”, or Shokudo, to the Japanese household is one example by which the Japanese food culture has been influenced by foreign food cultures.

Japanese people have always enjoyed traditional cuisine, but are also creative in blending elements from other countries, such as China, Korea, Italy, and France. With our Japanese dining you can enjoy these innovative foods all at once, while still enjoying a touch of the home country. For that reason, we suggest “family style” dining, in which each dish is shared with everyone at the table, so that all can taste our various culinary offerings.