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The Story of HONEY TOAST™

Honey Toast also was known as Brick toast and originated in Shibuya Japan in the early 2000’s. It quickly became a staple to many popular cafés and coffee shops.

This simple but decadent dessert is created from quality ingredients, patience, and precision. Each loaf of bread is carefully hollowed out and then cubed. Honey Toast™, as we’ve named it, was introduced to Hawaii in March 2005, when Shokudo Japanese first opened, using only the freshest ingredients and ice cream. The love of Shokudo’s Honey Toast™ and it’s variously unique flavors quickly spread throughout the island, leading us to trademark the Honey Toast™ name in 2009.


The specialty of the house. Thick Japanese white toast, cut out and cubed. Drizzled with honey and topped with vanilla ice cream

+ Hot Fudge $2 + Salted Caramel Banana $2 + Sweet Red Bean $2 + Matcha Green Tea $2 + Cookies & Cream $2 + Kona Coffee $2
Ice Cream
+Premium Maui Roselani Vanilla $3 +Matcha Green Tea $4

+Cookies & Cream $4 +Kona Coffee $4